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Business Analytics for All provides the educational platform for business and technical professionals to educate themselves in analytics, connect with peers, share ideas, and get must-have insights in order to maximize the business impact of business analytics initiatives.

A busy educational schedule for you and your colleagues

Make sure you pick the right date to catch up with the latest developments in analytics. If you are interested in the practical, hands-on aspects of Hadoop and Data Visualisation then make sure you book well in advance as we only allow a limited number of attendants per session. The 27th September is the day you will work hands on with Hadoop and the 29th November, a practical data visualization session will be on the menu.

If your preferences lie in the conceptual and managerial area, then we advise you to book the 19th October for the Business Analytics Insight 2016 featuring Stephen Brobst, elected among the top 5 CTOs from 10.000 CTOs in the States.

Also mark the 20th October for a one day seminar with Mike Ferguson on Building an Enterprise Data Lake for Enterprise Data as a Service.

Make sure you don’t miss the latest on data virtualisation, self-service data preparation and all other topics that will affect your practice in one way or the other.


Latest News

Developing the ETL system has always been the most troublesome and time-consuming piece of the data warehouse / business intelligence project. Of the many things you can do right – and wrong – in the ETL system, this article presents my ten favorites.

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